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Engine Clean from £10
We do what it says! We'll pressure wash the engine and compartment, then dry it off and treat it with engine laqer on covers, hoses and rubbers.

Mini Valet from £25.00
We get most places! We'll hand wash and wax shampoo, leather to finish including the door shut areas. We then clean the wheels, arches and dress the tyres, vacuum the interior including the upholstery, floor mats and carpets, Clean the windows and mirrors both inside and out. We also clean all the interior plastics and door panels and then polish them so they shine. We clean out all the ashtrays and spray a little air freshener to get rid of any lingering odour, and then to finish off we clean the boot area and fill your screen wash.

Full Valet from £45.00
We clean places you wouldn't dream of! We will shampoo your carpets, floor mats and fabric upolstery using a low odour solvent to remove all non water stains including oil, grease and make up. We'll clean and soften the leather and gently but efficiently lift dirt from all the pores, creases and seams. Once dry, we will condition it to restore and protect. The exterior chrome is then cleaned and polished and a cream wax is applied to restore all the paintwork to showroom condition protecting from sun, salt and acid rain. You then drive away a brand new looking car for as little as £45! 

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Engine Clesan

I didn't think it could be repaired, but its better than ever. . .thanks guys.

Chris Brookfield - Crewe

Factory Road, Engineers Park, Sandycroft, CH5 2QJ
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