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Smart repair is smart because
it saves you money.

Why pay to have whole body panels repaired for a single scuff, or have to order expensive replacement parts? Our smart service aims to tackle this type of problem.

stands for 'Small Medium Area Repair Technique'. Now isn't that smart!

It's inevitable in day to day life and with general wear and tear that our cars will get small scratches and scuffs. I mean you wouldn't buy a pair of jeans and expect them never to get dirty! But these dents and chips to your paintwork can seriously decrease the value of your vehicle, and worse of all, any break in the paintwork will lead to rust. And this causes a much bigger problem. Least you can simply wash your jeans!

Well, maybe it is that simple. If you pop your car into us today, we can give you a quote and try and save you as much as we can. We offer a huge range of services that don't all involve taking your car to pieces and bulding it back up again, for simple scratches to paintwork, or dents to doors, we will be able to do something that suits you. Smart!

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Engine Clesan

I didn't think it could be repaired, but its better than ever. . .thanks guys.

Chris Brookfield - Crewe

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