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Accident Repair

Unfortunately, most people will have an accident at some point in their lives, with the results ranging from a scratch down the side of your vehicle to something a bit more devastating.

Fortunately, we are here to ensure your vehicle looks as good as new ASAP and its done in a completely hassle free way. We can talk to your insurance company on your behalf and will always offer a courtesy car whilst yours is with us so you can still pick up the kids from school, or get to work on time!

Whilst we are both quick and completely hassle free, this certainly doesn't affect the work we do. We are thorough and all cars are repaired to the highest standards with impeccable attention to detail.
Our aim is to have you on the road as soon as possible looking as good as new! Why not pop in for a no obligation quote for your repair. We may even chuck in a cup of tea!

Engine Clesan

I didn't think it could be repaired, but its better than ever. . .thanks guys.

Chris Brookfield - Crewe

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